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pub a bar or tavern that serves food.
public of, for, or having to do with all members of a community; not private. [4 definitions]
publication the act of publishing printed material. [2 definitions]
publicity information given out through the media that gets the attention of the public. [2 definitions]
publicly in a public manner; not in secret or in private. [2 definitions]
public school in the US, an elementary, middle, or high school that is free and supported by people's taxes. [2 definitions]
publish to prepare and bring out for sale for the public to read.
publisher a person or company that publishes books or periodicals.
puck the hard rubber disk that is used in ice hockey. Players try to hit the puck into the net to score a goal.
pucker to gather or draw up into small folds or wrinkles.
pudding a soft, creamy, cooked dessert that is made with milk, flour, eggs, sugar, and flavoring. [3 definitions]
puddle a small, shallow pool of water. [2 definitions]
pudgy fat and short.
pueblo a house made of adobe or stone built by Native Americans in the southwest United States. Pueblos are shared by the community and are usually several stories high. [2 definitions]
Puerto Rico an island in the Caribbean Sea associated with the United States. Puerto Rico is in the West Indies. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico.
puff a short, strong burst of breath, air, smoke, or steam. [8 definitions]
puffin a northern sea bird with black and white feathers and a large, flat, colorful bill.
pull to take hold of (something) and use force to bring it nearer to oneself. [8 definitions]
pulley a simple machine that makes lifting something easier. A pulley has a wheel or set of wheels with grooves that a rope or chain can be pulled over.
pull one's weight to do one's share of work.
pullover a sweater or shirt that is put on and taken off by being pulled over the head.