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realistic tending to see things as they really are; practical. [2 definitions]
reality the state or quality of being real. [2 definitions]
realization the act of being made real; achievement. [2 definitions]
realize to understand completely. [2 definitions]
really in fact; actually. [3 definitions]
realm a royal kingdom. [2 definitions]
reap to cut down and gather. [2 definitions]
reappear to come into view again; appear again.
rear1 the back part of something. [4 definitions]
rear2 to raise to adulthood; bring up. [3 definitions]
rearrange to change the order of or arrange in a different way. [2 definitions]
rearview mirror a mirror attached to a car or other vehicle that allows the driver to see what is behind him or her.
reason a cause or explanation for an action, opinion, or event. [4 definitions]
reasonable using good sense and clear thinking. [4 definitions]
reasoning the process of using one's logical abilities to come to a conclusion about something, to make a decision, or to solve a problem.
reassure to make less worried; give back confidence to. [2 definitions]
rebate a part of a payment that is returned. [2 definitions]
rebel one who fights against or does not obey authority. [5 definitions]
rebellion an armed fight against one's government; uprising. [2 definitions]
rebuild to build again; repair.
recall to bring a past event into the mind; remember. [4 definitions]