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regularly at evenly spaced points of time; routinely.
regulate to control by rules or a method. [2 definitions]
regulation a rule or law that controls or directs people's actions. [3 definitions]
regulator a person or thing that regulates.
rehearsal the act or process of practicing for a play, concert or other performance.
rehearse to practice for a show, play, concert, or other performance.
reign rule by a king or queen. [4 definitions]
rein (usually plural) a set of leather straps attached to both ends of a horse's bridle bit. Using reins, a driver or rider can control the horse. [4 definitions]
reindeer a mammal with long legs, a long neck, antlers, and hooves. Reindeer are raised in northern parts of the world for their milk, meat, and fur. They are also sometimes used to pull sleds for transportation. Reindeer are closely related to moose and other kinds of deer. Reindeer are the only deer that have antlers on both males and females. In North America, reindeer are called caribou.
reinforce to add strength to or increase the effect of.
reject to refuse to take, approve, or believe.
rejoice to be full of joy or show great pleasure (sometimes followed by "in").
rekindle to start the burning of (something) again. [2 definitions]
relapse to return to bad behavior or poor health after a period of improvement. [2 definitions]
relate to tell the story of. [4 definitions]
related having some connection. [2 definitions]
relation (plural) the relationship or interaction between people, groups, or nations. [3 definitions]
relationship the condition or fact of being related or connected. [2 definitions]
relative a person who belongs to the same family as someone else. [2 definitions]
relatively in comparison to something else.
relax to make looser or less stiff. [4 definitions]