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release to set free. [4 definitions]
relent to become less harsh or less strict.
relevant related to what is being discussed or is presently important.
reliability the quality of being dependable.
reliable capable of being trusted or relied on; dependable.
relic something that has survived from the past, such as an object or a custom.
relief1 the feeling of being freed from pain, distress, or worry. [4 definitions]
relief2 raised pictures or designs on a surface.
relief map a map that shows the height or depth of different places in an area. Relief maps may use three dimensions, different colors, or different shadings to show hills, mountains, and valleys.
relieve to make less painful or troubling; ease. [3 definitions]
religion a set of beliefs about how the universe was made and what its purpose is. Religion usually involves worship of a god or gods, and the belief in certain ideas about right and wrong behavior. [3 definitions]
religious having to do with religion. [3 definitions]
relish a great enjoyment of something. [3 definitions]
reluctant not willing or enthusiastic.
rely to trust or depend (usually followed by "on" or "upon").
remain to go on being; continue in a particular way without a change. [3 definitions]
remainder something that remains after other things have been taken away.
remaining left or still present after others have gone.
remains that which is left when parts have been taken away or destroyed. [3 definitions]
remark to comment in a casual way. [3 definitions]
remarkable unusual or exceptional. [2 definitions]