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remedy something used to take away pain or heal a disease. [4 definitions]
remember to bring back into the mind from memory; recall. [4 definitions]
remind to cause (someone) to recall something. [2 definitions]
reminder something that causes a person to remember something.
remission a lessening or stopping of the symptoms or progress of a disease.
remodel to change the design or structure of.
remorse a feeling of guilt and real sorrow over having done something wrong.
remote at a far distance in space or time. [3 definitions]
remote control the control of a machine or other object from a distance. [2 definitions]
removal the act or process of removing.
remove to take away from a place or position. [4 definitions]
renaissance a renewal or revival. [2 definitions]
render to cause to become; make. [2 definitions]
rendezvous a meeting that has been arranged ahead of time. [3 definitions]
renew to make like new; restore. [3 definitions]
renowned known and praised by many; famous.
rent1 a regular payment made to an owner of property for the right to live in or use that property. [4 definitions]
rental an apartment or commercial property available for rent.
repair1 to put in good condition again after damage has been done; fix. [5 definitions]
repay to pay back. [3 definitions]
repeal to do away with or cancel officially. [2 definitions]