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rendezvous a meeting that has been arranged ahead of time. [3 definitions]
renew to make like new; restore. [3 definitions]
renowned known and praised by many; famous.
rent1 a regular payment made to an owner of property for the right to live in or use that property. [4 definitions]
rental an apartment or commercial property available for rent.
repair1 to put in good condition again after damage has been done; fix. [5 definitions]
repay to pay back. [3 definitions]
repeal to do away with or cancel officially. [2 definitions]
repeat to state or say again. [5 definitions]
repeatedly again and again; many times in a row.
repel to ward off or force back. [3 definitions]
repellent causing disgust or dislike. [3 definitions]
repetition the act or process of repeating. [2 definitions]
replace to put in place of. [3 definitions]
replacement the act or process of substituting or replacing. [2 definitions]
reply to give an answer in words or writing. [4 definitions]
report a statement or account of something. [5 definitions]
report card a written report of a student's progress in school that is usually sent to the student's home.
reportedly according to what has been said or according to rumor.
reporter a person whose job is to gather and report news for a newspaper or magazine, or for a television station or radio station.
represent to stand for or be a sign of. [4 definitions]