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rhyme a word that ends with the same or almost the same sound as another word. [6 definitions]
rhyme or reason apparent sense or logic.
rhythm movement marked by the regular repetition of sounds. [2 definitions]
rhythmic having a rhythm; relating to rhythm; rhythmical.
rhythmical having to do with rhythm. [2 definitions]
RI abbreviation of "Rhode Island."
rib1 one of the set of bones that curve from the spine around the chest of a person or animal. [2 definitions]
ribbon a narrow strip or band of colorful material used to hold the hair or to tie up presents. [3 definitions]
rice a grass that is usually grown in warm, wet areas of the world such as parts of India, China, and Japan. [2 definitions]
rich having a great amount of money or valuable property. [6 definitions]
riches a large amount of money and property. [2 definitions]
Richmond the capital of Virginia.
rickety likely to fall over or fall apart; shaky. [2 definitions]
rid to clear or free from something that is not wanted (usually followed by "of").
ridden the past participle of "ride." [2 definitions]
riddle1 a puzzling, tricky, and often funny question asked as a game or as a test of one's thinking skills. [2 definitions]
riddle2 to pierce with a large number of holes.
ride to be carried by a vehicle or animal. [5 definitions]
rider a person who rides something.
ridge a long, narrow, raised section at the top of something; crest. [3 definitions]
ridicule talk or actions that make unkind fun of someone or something. [2 definitions]