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rig to make ready for use by attaching sails, lines, and rope. [5 definitions]
rigging all the ropes, wires, and chains used on a boat or ship to hold up the masts and work the sails. [2 definitions]
right in keeping with what is fair and good. [21 definitions]
right and left in all places or directions; everywhere.
right angle the angle formed where two perpendicular lines meet. It measures ninety degrees.
right away at once; immediately.
right fielder in baseball, the player whose position is in right field when the other team is batting and whose primary function is to defend that territory.
right-handed using the right hand more often or more easily than the left. [3 definitions]
right off at once; immediately.
right off the bat at once; immediately.
right triangle a triangle with a right angle.
rigid difficult or impossible to bend; stiff. [2 definitions]
rigor disciplined effort.
rim the edge or border of something round or circular. [3 definitions]
rind a thick, firm outer layer or covering. Oranges, lemons, melons, and some cheeses have rinds.
ring1 the outer edge of a circle. [6 definitions]
ring2 to give out a clear, deep sound. [11 definitions]
ring a bell to sound familiar; to cause a person to remember something.
ring finger the third finger of the hand, especially the left hand, on which an engagement, wedding, or similar ring is traditionally worn.
ring up to record or add up on a cash register.
rink a smooth surface of ice used for ice skating or ice hockey. [3 definitions]