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robbery the act of stealing money or property from a person or place; the act of robbing.
robe a long, loose gown worn at certain ceremonies. [2 definitions]
robin a large North American songbird that has a rusty red breast, a dark head and back, and a bright yellow bill. The North American robin is a type of thrush.
robot a machine that can perform some of the same tasks as a human being.
robust strong, healthy, and full of energy. [2 definitions]
rock1 a solid mass made up of minerals. Rock forms much of the earth's outer layer, including cliffs and mountains. [3 definitions]
rock2 to move strongly back and forth or from side to side. [6 definitions]
rocker one of the curved pieces on the bottom of a chair that allows it to have a rocking motion. [3 definitions]
rocket1 a flying device, shaped like a tube, that is driven by hot gases released from engines in its rear. Rockets are used to launch fireworks, signals, weapons, and spacecraft. [3 definitions]
rocking chair a chair mounted on rockers or springs that allow it to rock back and forth.
rocking horse a toy horse built on springs or rockers that is large enough for a child to ride.
rock-'n'-roll a form of popular music with a strong beat; rock. [2 definitions]
rocky1 having many rocks; full of rocks.
rocky2 likely or tending to rock; not steady; shaky. [2 definitions]
Rocky Mountains a high mountain range in North America that stretches from Alaska to northern New Mexico; Rockies.
rod a straight, thin stick or bar. [4 definitions]
rode past tense of ride.
rodent a small mammal with long front teeth used for gnawing. Many kinds of rodents are found all over the world. Rodents include rats, mice, hamsters, porcupines, chinchillas, guinea pigs, squirrels, prairie dogs, gophers, woodchucks, and beavers.
rodeo a show or contest of cowboy skills such as riding wild horses or roping cattle.
roe1 fish eggs.
roe2 a small deer found in Europe and Asia. The male roe has antlers with three points.