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rode past tense of ride.
rodent a small mammal with long front teeth used for gnawing. Many kinds of rodents are found all over the world. Rodents include rats, mice, hamsters, porcupines, chinchillas, guinea pigs, squirrels, prairie dogs, gophers, woodchucks, and beavers.
rodeo a show or contest of cowboy skills such as riding wild horses or roping cattle.
roe1 fish eggs.
roe2 a small deer found in Europe and Asia. The male roe has antlers with three points.
rogue a person who is dishonest or mean. [3 definitions]
role the character played by an actor. [2 definitions]
role model a person whose actions set an example or are copied by others.
roll to move by turning over and over. [18 definitions]
roller a wheel attached to the bottom of a heavy object to make it easier to move. [4 definitions]
roller coaster an amusement park ride in which a train of open cars rides up and down a winding track.
roller skate a shoe, or frame that fits over a shoe, with four small wheels made for skating on a hard surface.
rolling the motion or sound of a thing that rolls. [3 definitions]
rolling pin a hard, smooth cylinder of wood or marble with handles at each end. It is used to roll out dough.
ROM computer memory that can only be read, not written to. ROM stands for "read-only memory."
Roman having to do with modern or ancient Rome or its people. [4 definitions]
Roman Catholic Church a Christian church that is headed by the pope, the bishop of Rome.
romance a love relationship, either in life or in literature or film. [4 definitions]
Romance language one of the modern languages that come from Latin. Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese are Romance languages.
Roman Empire the lands ruled by ancient Rome, stretching from Britain to North Africa and the Middle East.
Romania a European country between Hungary and the Black Sea. The capital of Romania is Bucharest.