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RR1 an abbreviation for railroad. [2 definitions]
rte. an abbreviation for route.
rub to use pressure on with a back and forth motion. [5 definitions]
rubber1 a stretchy substance made from the dried sap or liquid from certain tropical plants. [4 definitions]
rubber band a narrow loop of rubber used to hold objects together.
rubbish material that is thrown away or useless; garbage. [2 definitions]
rubble Pieces of broken rock, brick, or other material.
rub elbows with mingle or mix with.
ruble the main unit of money of Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.
rub the wrong way to bother or annoy.
ruby a valuable, deep red stone used in making jewelry. [2 definitions]
rudder a movable blade at the rear end of a ship or airplane, used to control direction.
rude showing poor manners; not polite. [2 definitions]
ruff a high, round, stiff collar worn by men and women in the 1500s and 1600s. [2 definitions]
ruffle to disturb a smooth, even surface. [3 definitions]
rug a piece of thick material used to cover part of a floor.
rugged having a surface that is rough and broken. [4 definitions]
ruin complete destruction. [8 definitions]
rule a law or direction that guides behavior or action. [7 definitions]
rule out to decide not to include in the set of choices.
ruler a person who rules or leads. [2 definitions]