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sack2 to steal valuable things from, after capturing. [2 definitions]
sack out (slang) to go to bed.
sacred having to do with religion. [2 definitions]
sacrifice the act of giving up something of great value to show loyalty or deep affection. [7 definitions]
sad unhappy or without joy. [2 definitions]
sadden to make or become sad.
saddle a leather seat that is used on the back of a horse or other animal to carry a rider. [5 definitions]
sadly in a manner that exhibits or expresses sadness. [2 definitions]
sadness the state or quality of being unhappy.
safari an expedition for watching or hunting large animals.
safe providing protection from harm, loss, or danger. [4 definitions]
safeguard a person, thing, or action that gives protection; a way of making sure that something is safe. [2 definitions]
safely without being harmed.
safety the condition of being safe from danger.
safety belt a harness that fits across the lap and often the chest of a person riding in a car or airplane; seat belt. Safety belts are worn for protection. [2 definitions]
safety pin a pin folded back on itself to form a clasp. There is a spring at one end and a guard at the other end to cover the point. A safety pin is used to hold two pieces of cloth or other material together.
sag to sink, hang, or bend downward in the middle. [2 definitions]
sage1 a very wise person. [2 definitions]
sagebrush a bushy plant with silver leaves that have a pleasant smell. It has white or yellow flowers and grows in the dry plains of the western United States.
Sagittarius a constellation between Scorpio and Capricorn, in the brightest part of the Milky Way. Sagittarius is also called the Archer. [3 definitions]
Sahara a vast desert in northern Africa stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the River Nile.