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shape the appearance of an object as defined by its outer surface or outline; form. [6 definitions]
share a part of a whole that one member of a group is given or owed. [5 definitions]
shareware software that is delivered free of charge by its author. The user is asked to pay a small fee to the author if he or she continues to use the software.
shark1 a fish that lives in the ocean and has tough skin, large jaws and teeth, and a skeleton made of cartilage. Most sharks eat other fish.
shark2 a person who cheats or swindles others.
sharp having a thin edge or a fine point. [9 definitions]
sharpen to make or become sharp.
shatter to break suddenly into small pieces. [3 definitions]
shave to remove hair from the face or body with a razor. [4 definitions]
shaving a very thin slice or piece. [2 definitions]
shawl a piece of fabric that is worn over the shoulders or around the head and shoulders. It is larger and heavier than a scarf.
she the female person or animal that is being talked about. [2 definitions]
shear to cut off with scissors or a tool like scissors. [2 definitions]
shears a tool that is like a large scissors.
sheath a case for the blade of a sword or knife.
shed1 a small building used for storage or shelter.
shed2 to cast off, take off, or let fall. [4 definitions]
she'd shortened form of "she had" or "she would."
sheep an animal with hooves, hollow horns, and long, curly hair. Sheep are mammals that are raised for their wool; some people also use their milk and meat. They are closely related to goats. [2 definitions]
sheer1 thin or fine enough to see through. [3 definitions]
sheet1 a large piece of cotton or linen cloth used to cover a bed. [3 definitions]