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shove to push in a rough way or without care. [3 definitions]
shovel a large scoop with a long handle used for digging or lifting heavy material such as earth, snow, or coal. [5 definitions]
show to cause or allow to be seen. [10 definitions]
shower1 a fall of rain that lasts a short time. [8 definitions]
shown a past participle of show.
show-off someone who tries to get attention from others.
show off to do something to impress others or to attract favorable attention. [2 definitions]
show up to arrive at a place.
showy bright, colorful, or splendid in appearance. [2 definitions]
shrank a past tense of shrink.
shred a long strip that is torn or cut off, or almost torn off. [3 definitions]
shrew a very small animal with a long, pointed nose and tiny eyes. Shrews are mammals that eat insects. Many kinds of shrews live in Europe, Asia, North America, and northern South America. Some shrews are smaller than any other kind of mammal.
shrewd clever and careful.
shriek a loud shrill cry of fear, joy, or surprise. [2 definitions]
shrill having a high, sharp sound.
shrimp a small animal with a hard, jointed shell and five pairs of legs. Most kinds of shrimp live in the ocean, but a few kinds live in fresh water. Shrimp are crustaceans and are closely related to crabs and lobsters. Many kinds of shrimp can be eaten. [3 definitions]
shrine a sacred place or object that is devoted to some holy person or god. [2 definitions]
shrink to become smaller. [2 definitions]
shrivel to cause to wrinkle or become smaller.
shrub a plant with woody stems that branch out close to the ground; bush. A shrub can be very short or as tall as a small tree.
shrug to raise the shoulders to show one does not know, does not care, or is not responsible. [2 definitions]