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shutter a wooden or metal cover that closes over the outside or inside of a window. [2 definitions]
shuttle a device used in weaving that carries thread back and forth through the threads on the loom. [3 definitions]
shut up to make or become quiet.
shy1 not comfortable with other people. [4 definitions]
Siamese cat a breed of cat. Siamese cats are native to Thailand. They are known for their blue eyes and a pale gray or brown coat with darker ears, tail, and paws.
Siberia a region in northern Asia that goes from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Siberia is a part of Russia.
sibling a sister or a brother.
sick suffering from an illness; not well. [4 definitions]
sickle a tool with a long, sharp, curved blade and a short handle. It is used to cut grain and long grass.
sickly often sick; not strong or healthy. [2 definitions]
sickness the condition of being sick; illness. [2 definitions]
side one of the surfaces of an object. [12 definitions]
sideburns hair or whiskers growing along the side of a man's face.
side by side next to each other.
sideline a line at the side of an area; the side boundary of a playing field. [2 definitions]
sideshow a small, extra show connected to the main show.
sidestep to step aside or to one side. [2 definitions]
sidewalk a path for walking along the side of a street or road. Sidewalks are usually paved.
sideways from, to, or toward the side. [2 definitions]
siege a military act of surrounding a city or base, attacking it, and cutting off supplies. The goal of a siege is to force the city or fort to surrender.
sierra a chain of mountains with sharp peaks that look like the teeth of a saw.