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sight the ability to see; vision. [7 definitions]
sightless not able to see; blind.
sightseeing the act or hobby of visiting and seeing interesting places; touring. [2 definitions]
sign something that shows or demonstrates a fact, event, or quality; indication. [7 definitions]
signal a movement, action, or device used to give directions, warning, or other information. [7 definitions]
signature a person's written name, used to sign documents, letters, or checks. [2 definitions]
significance great value; importance. [2 definitions]
sign up to join or cause to join a particular group, class, or activity; register.
silence a lack of sound; quiet. [3 definitions]
silent making no sound. [5 definitions]
silhouette an outline or side view of a person's head that is filled with a dark, solid color. [3 definitions]
silicon a hard, dark gray substance that is a chemical element. It is found in silica, a compound that makes up one fourth of the earth's crust. Silicon is used in making glass, concrete, bricks, and computer chips. (symbol: Si)
silk a fine, soft, shiny fiber produced by certain insects. [4 definitions]
silkworm a caterpillar of a moth, originally from Asia. The caterpillar makes silk thread that it uses to spin its cocoon. People use the cocoons to make silk cloth.
silky of or like silk; smooth, delicate, or shiny.
sill a horizontal strip or block serving as the bottom of a window or door frame.
silly without good sense; foolish. [2 definitions]
silo a tall building that is used to store food for farm animals. Silos are often shaped like cylinders. [2 definitions]
silt fine particles of earth, clay, or sand that eventually settle out of water.
silver a shiny white metal that is soft and easy to shape. Silver is one of the chemical elements. It is used in making jewelry, coins, and table utensils. (symbol: Ag) [7 definitions]
silversmith a person who makes, plates, or fixes objects made of silver.