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simplify to make plainer, easier, or less complex.
simply in a simple, clear way. [4 definitions]
simultaneous existing, happening, or done at the same time.
sin1 an act of not obeying religious law. [2 definitions]
since from then until now (often follows the word "ever"). [5 definitions]
sincere genuine, true, and not pretended.
sinew a tendon.
sing to make musical sounds with the voice. [4 definitions]
sing a different tune to change one's opinion or behavior.
Singapore a country in southeastern Asia. [2 definitions]
singer a person who sings as a job or hobby. [2 definitions]
single only one. [8 definitions]
single-handed done without help. [2 definitions]
single-minded focused on a single goal or purpose.
singular having to do with or designating the form of a word that indicates only one. [2 definitions]
sinister threatening or suggesting evil, injury, or danger; ominous.
sink to fall or drop slowly to another level. [8 definitions]
sinuous having many curves or turns.
sinus any of the hollow places in the skull that connect with the nose.
Sioux a member of a group of Native American peoples who are from the plains of the northern United States and southern Canada.
sip to drink slowly and a little at a time. [3 definitions]