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snowboard a board similar to a large skateboard, with straps to secure the feet so that one can ride it down a hill over snow. [2 definitions]
snowboarding the activity or sport of riding a snowboard down a hill over snow or inside specially designed tubes.
snowflake a single flake of snow.
snowman a figure made of packed snow that looks a little bit like a person.
snowmobile a small motor vehicle with two skis on the front for traveling on snow.
snowplow a machine or vehicle with a large shovel or blade for clearing snow from streets, highways, runways, or driveways.
snowshoe a light frame that is shaped like a racket and strung with netting. Snowshoes can be attached to a boot and used for walking on deep snow.
snowstorm a storm in which a lot of snow falls. Snowstorms have strong winds.
snowy characterized by the falling of snow. [2 definitions]
snub to ignore as a way to show dislike, dissatisfaction, or contempt. [2 definitions]
snuffbox a small box for holding tobacco in powdered form.
snug small and comfortable; cozy. [2 definitions]
snuggle to lie in a comfortable way next to someone or something; cuddle.
so in the way just expressed or indicated. [13 definitions]
soak to lie in and become covered or completely wet with a liquid. [7 definitions]
soap a cleaning substance that is made from fat or oil and comes in the form of a bar, liquid, powder, or flakes. [2 definitions]
soapy containing, covered with, or filled with soap. [2 definitions]
soar to fly or glide in a swift, easy way and at a very great height. [2 definitions]
sob to cry with great emotion while making short gasps for breath. [2 definitions]
sober not drunk; not intoxicated. [3 definitions]
soccer a game in which two teams of eleven players try to move a ball into a goal by kicking or hitting it without using the hands or arms.