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sole2 the bottom of something that comes in contact with the ground. Feet and shoes have soles. [2 definitions]
sole3 any flatfish from the ocean that is used for food.
solely without any others; alone. [2 definitions]
solemn serious in appearance, sound, or mood. [2 definitions]
solid having a firm shape or form that can be measured in length, width, and height; not like a liquid or a gas. [8 definitions]
solitaire any of various card games played by one person alone. [2 definitions]
solitary being, traveling, or living without others; alone. [3 definitions]
solitude the condition of living or being by oneself.
solo a performance by one person. [5 definitions]
Solomon Islands an island country in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. It lies to the east of New Guinea. The capital of Solomon Islands is Honiara.
solstice either of the two times in the year when the sun is furthest from the celestial equator, occurring in June and December.
solution the act or process of solving a problem or question. [4 definitions]
solve to find or figure out an answer to.
Somalia an East African country on the Indian Ocean, bordering on Ethiopia and Kenya. The capital of Somalia is Mogadishu.
somber of a dark shade or condition. [2 definitions]
sombrero a straw or felt hat that has a wide brim and high crown. Sombreros are worn in Mexico.
-some1 a suffix that means "to be" or "likely to cause."
-some2 a suffix that means the number in a group.
some being an amount or number that is not stated. [6 definitions]
somebody some person, not named or known; someone. [2 definitions]
someday at some time in the future.