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specimen a part or example used to represent a larger whole. [2 definitions]
speck a small mark or spot. [2 definitions]
spectacle an unusual or splendid sight or public show. [2 definitions]
spectacular of or having to do with a spectacle; splendid; marvelous.
spectator one that watches or observes.
spectrum a band of colors that is formed when light is passed through a prism, or in some other way. The six colors of a spectrum are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
speculate to make guesses or wonder about something (often followed by "on" or "about"). [2 definitions]
sped a past tense and past participle of speed.
speech the power to speak, or the act of speaking. [5 definitions]
speed the act of moving rapidly or swiftly. [5 definitions]
speed limit the highest legal driving speed in a state or region, or on a particular road or portion of a road.
speedometer a instrument that measures the speed of a moving vehicle.
spell1 to name or write the letters of in order. [3 definitions]
spell2 a word or group of words used to work magic. [3 definitions]
spell3 a short period of time. [4 definitions]
spellbound held in attention as if by a spell; amazed; fascinated.
speller a person who spells words. [2 definitions]
spelling the way one or more words are spelled. [2 definitions]
spell out to explain in detail so that no part is difficult to understand.
spend to pay out. [3 definitions]
spent the past tense and past participle of spend.