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stall2 to delay by doing certain actions. [3 definitions]
stallion an adult male horse that can produce young.
stamen the part of a flower that makes and bears the pollen.
stamina1 the strength to handle long effort or disappointment.
stammer to speak in an anxious or uncertain way. People who stammer often repeat sounds and stop between words. [2 definitions]
stamp to move with force and speed downward upon something. [10 definitions]
stampede the sudden and hurried mass movement of a large group of frightened animals. [5 definitions]
stand to get in or be in a position on one's feet (often followed by "up"). [16 definitions]
standard something that is used and accepted as a guide, example, or authority. [5 definitions]
stand for to be a symbol of, or to represent. [2 definitions]
standing the act or posture of a person or thing that stands. [3 definitions]
stanza a group of related lines in a poem that make up one section within the poem. Stanzas often have a regular meter and rhyme pattern.
staple1 a short, thin piece of stiff wire shaped like a U. Staples are designed to be pushed through several sheets of paper and then bent inward to hold the papers together. [2 definitions]
staple2 a food that is considered very important and used often. [2 definitions]
star any of a vast number of heavenly bodies visible from earth as points of light in the night sky. [8 definitions]
starboard the right side of a ship or aircraft when facing forward from inside. [2 definitions]
starch a white food substance found in many foods. [3 definitions]
stare to look in a steady, fixed way, with the eyes open wide. [2 definitions]
stare down to try to frighten or make uncomfortable by staring at.
stare one in the face to be clearly obvious or impending.
starfish a sea animal with a flat body and five or more arms. Starfish live in shallow parts of the ocean. They are carnivores that eat clams and other mollusks. They are also called sea stars.