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step the movement made by lifting one foot and putting it down in another place; motion used in walking. [8 definitions]
step- a prefix that means "related because someone married again."
stepdaughter the daughter of one's husband or wife from an earlier marriage.
stepfather the husband of one's mother, who may act as a father but is not one's natural father.
stepmother the wife of one's father, who may act as a mother but is not one's natural mother.
step on someone's toes to annoy or anger by trying to take over someone else's job or role.
stepson the son of one's husband or wife from an earlier marriage.
stereo a system of equipment for playing sound that uses separate channels to create a realistic effect.
sterile free of live germs or bacteria. [2 definitions]
sterling of or made of the very finest silver, or 92.5% pure. [4 definitions]
stern1 firm and determined; not flexible. [2 definitions]
stern2 the rear or back part of a boat or other vessel.
stethoscope an instrument that makes the sounds inside a body louder. Doctors and nurses listen to the heart with a stethoscope.
stew to cook by boiling slowly in a closed pot. [3 definitions]
stick1 a long and thin piece of wood, such as a stem or branch, from a tree or bush. [2 definitions]
stick2 to pierce or poke with a pointed object; stab. [10 definitions]
stick by to remain loyal to.
sticker a paper label, patch, or sign with sticky material on the back side.
stickler one who must observe or conform to something (usually followed by "for").
stick out to stand out; to be easily seen.
sticky tending to stick to or hold on to something when touched. [2 definitions]