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Stone Age the stage of human culture when stone tools and weapons were made and used. The Stone Age dates from about two million B.C. to about 3,500 B.C.
stood past tense and past participle of stand.
stool a seat without arms or a back. [3 definitions]
stoop1 to bend the body forward and downward, as to pick up something. [4 definitions]
stoop2 a large step or small porch at the entrance to a home, often reached by a short flight of steps.
stop to halt or cause to halt. [10 definitions]
stoplight a traffic light or signal.
stop over to make a brief stop before traveling further.
stopper something that blocks an opening; plug.
stopwatch a watch that can be stopped and started instantly.
storage the act of storing or state of being stored. [2 definitions]
store a place where things are sold. [4 definitions]
stork a wading bird with long legs and a long neck and bill. [2 definitions]
storm a violent disturbance in the atmosphere that brings rain, snow, wind, thunder, or lightning. [5 definitions]
stormy having or characterized by storms. [2 definitions]
story1 an account of something that happened, either true or made up. [3 definitions]
story2 one level of a building; floor.
storyteller one who tells or writes stories.
stout having physical strength; sturdy; thick. [3 definitions]
stove1 a device that uses electricity or burns fuel to provide heat for cooking or warmth.
stow to put away or store in a place or container.