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stopwatch a watch that can be stopped and started instantly.
storage the act of storing or state of being stored. [2 definitions]
store a place where things are sold. [4 definitions]
stork a wading bird with long legs and a long neck and bill. [2 definitions]
storm a violent disturbance in the atmosphere that brings rain, snow, wind, thunder, or lightning. [5 definitions]
stormy having or characterized by storms. [2 definitions]
story1 an account of something that happened, either true or made up. [3 definitions]
story2 one level of a building; floor.
storyteller one who tells or writes stories.
stout having physical strength; sturdy; thick. [3 definitions]
stove1 a device that uses electricity or burns fuel to provide heat for cooking or warmth.
stow to put away or store in a place or container.
stow away a person who hides on a ship, airplane, or train.
straggle to stray from or drop behind a group.
straight without a curve or bend. [8 definitions]
straighten to make or become straight. [2 definitions]
strain1 to pull or stretch tight. [13 definitions]
strain2 all the descendants of a common ancestor; race.
strainer a sieve or other device used to strain or filter.
strait a narrow body of water between two larger bodies. [2 definitions]
strand1 to beach, or leave behind on the shore. [2 definitions]