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streetwise having knowledge about what goes on and the ability to survive in a city.
strength the state, quality, or condition of being strong. [3 definitions]
strengthen to make or grow strong or stronger.
stress the importance or special attention given to something; emphasis. [6 definitions]
stressed feeling very anxious or worried because of a frightening thing or because of pressure from things like school or work or the demands of other people.
stressful causing mental or emotional strain.
stretch to spread out or reach out to the full length in order to make loose and flexible. [13 definitions]
strict stern; not yielding; demanding. [3 definitions]
strictly strongly; absolutely.
stride to walk with long, even steps. [3 definitions]
strike to hit with the hand or a weapon. [15 definitions]
strike up to begin or cause to begin.
strike while the iron is hot to take advantage of an opportunity without waiting.
striking causing a strong impression; very noticeable or remarkable. [2 definitions]
string a cord or thin rope. [9 definitions]
string bean a long, green pod that is produced by a bean plant and eaten as a vegetable; snap bean.
stringed equipped or furnished with strings.
stringed instrument any musical instrument that is sounded by bowing, plucking, or strumming the strings. Violins, guitars, and zithers are some stringed instruments.
strip1 to take off the outside covering or clothing from. [3 definitions]
strip2 a long, narrow piece or area of mostly uniform width. [2 definitions]
stripe1 a long, narrow band or strip set apart from the area or surface around it by a different color or material. [2 definitions]