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Sun. an abbreviation for Sunday.
sun the star in the middle of our solar system. The earth and other planets revolve around it and receive heat and light from it. [5 definitions]
sunbathe to bare the body to the sun's rays.
sunburn a sore redness of the skin caused by staying in the sun too long. [2 definitions]
sundae a serving of ice cream topped with syrup, fruit, chopped nuts, and whipped cream.
Sunday the first day of the week. Sunday comes between Saturday and Monday.
sundial a device that stands in a garden or on a lawn to show the time of day. A sundial has a flat, round disk with numbers and a pointer that casts a shadow. As the shadow moves across the numbers, the sundial shows what time it is.
sunflower a tall plant with large, yellow flowers. The seeds in the center of the flower can be eaten.
sung the past participle of sing.
sunglasses a pair of eyeglasses with dark lenses to protect the eyes from bright sunlight.
sunk a past tense and past participle of sink.
sunlight the light of the sun; sunshine.
sunny consisting of weather in which the sky is blue and few clouds block the sun; not cloudy. [3 definitions]
sunrise the moment each day at which the sun first can be seen above the eastern horizon. [2 definitions]
sunscreen an ingredient used in a lotion that is put on the skin to protect against sunburn.
sunset the moment each day when the sun goes below the western horizon. [2 definitions]
sunshine the bright light of the sun not hidden by clouds.
suntan a dark coloring of the skin as a result of exposure to strong sunlight or a sun lamp.
super (informal) excellent.
super- a prefix that means "above" or "over." [2 definitions]
superb of the finest kind or quality.