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t the twentieth letter of the English alphabet.
tab a small loop, strap, or flap, used for pulling, hanging, or opening. [2 definitions]
table a piece of furniture with a flat top supported by one or more legs. [4 definitions]
tablecloth a cloth laid over a dining table to protect its surface during a meal.
tablespoon an amount equal to one half of a fluid ounce or three teaspoons. A tablespoon is used in cooking to measure ingredients. (abbreviation: tbs.) [2 definitions]
tablet a tiny, pressed, hard mass of medicine; pill. [4 definitions]
table tennis a game like outdoor tennis but played on top of a large table. In table tennis, small, wooden paddles and a small, hollow ball are used.
taboo forbidden. [2 definitions]
tack a short pin with a flat, wide head. [4 definitions]
tackle equipment or gear used in a sport or hobby such as fishing. [5 definitions]
taco a Mexican dish made of a folded tortilla with a filling such as meat or cheese.
tact the ability to say or do the right thing when dealing with others in a difficult situation.
tactic a technique or maneuver used for achieving a goal, especially in battle.
tactics (used with a plural verb) methods used to bring something about.
tadpole a young frog or toad. A tadpole lives in water and has gills and a tail.
taffy a chewy candy made of molasses or sugar. Taffy is boiled and then pulled until it holds its shape.
tag1 a piece of cardboard, thin metal, or plastic that is attached to something or someone. [3 definitions]
tag2 a children's game in which one player chases the other players until one is touched. The touched player then becomes the pursuer. [4 definitions]
tail the rear part of an animal's body that sticks out from the backbone. [7 definitions]
taillight a red warning light at the rear of a vehicle.
tailor one who makes, alters, or repairs clothing. [2 definitions]