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tan to make into leather by soaking in a special solution. [6 definitions]
tang a sharp, strong flavor or odor.
tangerine a citrus that is a type of mandarin orange. A tangerine has loose, reddish orange skin, a slightly flattened shape, and sweet, juicy fruit. [2 definitions]
tangle to mix or twist into a confused mass. [5 definitions]
tank a large container used to hold liquid or gas. [3 definitions]
tan one's hide (informal) to beat or spank someone very hard.
tantrum a violent, noisy outburst of angry temper.
Tanzania an East African country on the Indian Ocean between Kenya and Mozambique. The capital of Tanzania is Dodoma.
Tanzanian of or having to do with the country of Tanzania or its people, culture, or the like. [2 definitions]
tap1 to strike lightly. [4 definitions]
tap2 a device to control the flow of liquid or gas from a pipe; faucet. [4 definitions]
tap dance a dance in which the dancer uses the foot, heel, or toe to tap out a rhythm. Tap dancers wear special shoes to sound the taps.
tape a long narrow strip of plastic, cloth, or paper that has glue on one side. Tape is used to stick things together. [4 definitions]
tape measure a tool for measuring length made of a long strip of cloth or flexible metal. A tape measure is marked off in inches, centimeters, or other units.
taper to narrow. [4 definitions]
tape recorder a machine used to record sound onto magnetic tape or to play back the sound recorded.
tapestry a piece of heavy cloth into which a design or picture has been woven with colored threads. Tapestries are used as wall decorations.
tapir a large mammal that has four short legs with hooves, a round body, and a long flexible snout. Tapirs look like pigs, but they are related to horses and rhinoceroses. They live in the rain forests of southeast Asia and Central and South America. Tapirs eat plants.
taps (used with a singular verb) the signal played on a trumpet or drum in the U.S. military forces. Taps are used as a signal for lights to be put out, or at the end of a funeral service.
tar1 a dark, heavy, sticky substance made from wood, coal, or peat. Tar is used to cover roads and protect roofs.
tar2 (informal) a sailor.