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tidy neat and in order. [2 definitions]
tie to fasten, secure, or bind with a cord or string. [9 definitions]
tier1 one of several rows or layers placed one above another.
tiger a large, very strong mammal with short, yellow-orange fur and black stripes. Tigers are carnivores. They live in several parts of Asia but are endangered in all their habitats. Tigers are the largest of the big cats and are closely related to lions, leopards, and other cats that roar.
tight fastened or shut in a secure way; fixed in place. [7 definitions]
tighten to make or become tight.
tightrope a thick rope or wire that is stretched tight and high above the ground. Acrobats perform on a tightrope at a circus.
tights a piece of clothing made of tight, stretchy material that covers the legs and hips. Tights are worn for exercise, dancing, or as everyday clothing under a skirt.
Tigris a river of southwest Asia. It flows through Turkey and Iraq. It joins the Euphrates River in a valley where some of the most ancient civilizations were located.
Tigris River a river that begins in eastern Turkey and flows through Syria and Iraq. In southeastern Iraq, the river joins the Euphrates River and eventually empties into the Persian Gulf.
tile a flat piece of baked clay or other hard material. Tiles are used to cover floors, walls, or roofs. [3 definitions]
till1 until. [3 definitions]
till2 to prepare for growing crops, especially by plowing.
tiller2 a handle that is attached to a rudder and used to steer a boat.
tilt to move or place so that one side is higher than the other; tip. [4 definitions]
tilt at windmills1 to battle against imaginary enemies or offenses.
timber trees that are used as wood to build houses and buildings. [4 definitions]
time the system in which events appear to happen one after the next in a way that can never be turned back; the past, present, and future. [15 definitions]
time limit a limit set on the amount or period of time during which some action can or must be taken or completed.
timely happening at just the right moment.
timer one who measures or records time. [3 definitions]