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tin a soft, light gray metal that is one of the chemical elements. Tin does not rust easily. It can be combined with other metals to form alloys such as bronze or pewter. (symbol: Sn) [2 definitions]
tinfoil a sheet of tin or aluminum thin enough to be used to wrap things.
tinge to give a slight color to. [4 definitions]
tingle to have a light stinging or prickly feeling. [3 definitions]
tinkle to make light ringing sounds. [3 definitions]
tinsel strips or sheets of foil or other shiny material used as a decoration.
tint a shade of a color. [3 definitions]
tiny very small, minute; miniature.
tip1 the end, especially of something pointed, slender, or tapered. [2 definitions]
tip2 to move to a leaning or slanted position; tilt. [6 definitions]
tip3 a small gift of money given as a way of thanking someone for a service done. [4 definitions]
tiptoe the end or tip of the toe. [2 definitions]
tire1 to use up the strength and energy of; make tired. [4 definitions]
tire2 a rubber covering that fits around the rim of a wheel. Tires are usually filled with air.
tired needing sleep or rest. [2 definitions]
tiring causing a loss of strength or energy. [2 definitions]
'tis shortened form of "it is."
tissue a group of cells in an animal or plant body that are like each other and do similar things. [3 definitions]
tissue paper very thin, almost transparent paper used for wrapping.
title a name of a book, film, play, piece of music, or other work of art. [5 definitions]
TN an abbreviation for "Tennessee."