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tonic something that brings back or refreshes strength or energy. [2 definitions]
tonight this present or coming night. [2 definitions]
tonsil either of two spongy parts which hang in the throat near the back of the tongue.
tonsillitis an illness that causes the tonsils to become red and swollen.
too as well; also; in addition. [4 definitions]
took past tense of take.
tool an instrument that is usually held with the hands and helps one to do something. [3 definitions]
toolbox a container for hand tools. A toolbox often has a handle for carrying and several compartments to make it easy to find small tools.
toot to make the quick, short sound of a horn or whistle. [3 definitions]
tooth one of the hard, white, bony objects that grow in rows in the jaws of people and animals. Teeth are used for biting and chewing. [3 definitions]
toothache a pain in or close to a tooth.
toothbrush a brush with a short, narrow head and a long handle used to clean the teeth.
toothpaste a paste used to clean the teeth.
toothpick a short, thin, pointed piece of wood that is used to remove tiny pieces of food from between the teeth.
top1 the highest area, point, or surface. [11 definitions]
top2 a toy shaped like a cone that spins on its point.
topaz a clear, crystal stone that is yellow or brown and used in jewelry.
topic a subject of discussion or conversation.
topography the shape of the earth's surface across an area or region. The topography of an area includes the size and location of hills and dips in the land.
topple to sway and fall down; tumble. [2 definitions]
topsy-turvy upside down. [3 definitions]