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trademark a name, symbol, or other mark used to show who made a product. By law, only the company that makes or sells the product may use its trademark.
trader a person who buys and sells; dealer; merchant.
trading the act or activity of exchanging items or buying or selling goods.
trading post a store in a frontier area or other place far from towns. At a trading post, local products can be traded for goods brought from distant places.
tradition the handing down of a culture's beliefs and customs from parents to children over many years. [2 definitions]
traditional relating to customs and ways of doing things in a particular culture that are passed down from parents to children.
traffic the movement of people or vehicles along a sidewalk, road, or other route of travel. [4 definitions]
traffic light a street or road signal used to tell drivers when to stop or go. The signal changes colors from red to green to yellow.
tragedy a disaster; a very sad event. [2 definitions]
tragic having to do with tragedy. [3 definitions]
trail to drag along behind on the ground. [7 definitions]
trailer a wagon pulled by a car or truck and used to carry a load. [2 definitions]
train a connected series of railroad cars. [9 definitions]
trainer a person who trains people or horses so they are strong and ready for competition.
training instruction and practice that prepares a person or animal to do a job, have a skill, or play a sport.
train station a place where train tickets are sold and where passengers and goods are let on or off trains.
trait a characteristic or quality that makes a person or animal different from others.
traitor a person who is disloyal to his or her country, his or her friends, or another group.
tram1 a small railroad or railroad car used for carrying loads in a mine or other small space. [3 definitions]
tramp to walk with heavy steps. [6 definitions]
trample to step on in a heavy or noisy way; to crush with the feet; stamp (usually followed by "on", "upon," or "over"). [4 definitions]