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war a state or time of armed fighting between countries, states, or other groups of people. [3 definitions]
warbler a small American songbird that eats insects. There are many kinds of warblers and some are brightly colored.
-ward a suffix that means "in the direction of." [2 definitions]
ward a large room in a hospital with beds for several patients, or a section for one type of patient. [4 definitions]
warden a person who is responsible for or guards someone or something. [2 definitions]
wardrobe a tall closet or cabinet, or a small room where clothes are kept. [2 definitions]
ware (usually plural) a thing or things offered for sale. [2 definitions]
warehouse a large building or other place where products or private goods are stored.
warfare the act of fighting a war. [2 definitions]
warm having or giving off some heat. [8 definitions]
warm-blooded having a body temperature that remains steady and warm, no matter what the outside temperature is.
warmth the condition of being warm; heat. [2 definitions]
warm up to prepare for physical exercise or other activity by practicing.
warn to tell of a possible danger; alert. [2 definitions]
warning the words, sound, or act of a person or thing that warns. [3 definitions]
warp to bend or twist out of shape. [4 definitions]
warrant a document issued by a judge that gives a police officer the right to make searches, seize property, or make arrests. [2 definitions]
warrior a person who fights or has experience in battle; soldier.
Warsaw the capital city of Poland.
warship a ship built or equipped for fighting.
wart a small, hard, raised growth on the skin that is caused by a virus. Warts usually grow on hands or feet. [2 definitions]