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weed1 any plant that grows wild where it is not wanted, especially in gardens or among farm crops. [3 definitions]
week a unit of time equal to seven days. [2 definitions]
weekday any day of the week except Saturday and Sunday.
weekend the part of the week between Friday evening and Sunday evening.
weekly done, happening, or printed once a week. [4 definitions]
weep to show strong feelings by crying.
weigh to measure the weight of by using a scale. [4 definitions]
weigh down to make heavier. [3 definitions]
weight the quality of being heavy. [6 definitions]
weightless having, or seeming to have, little or no weight; not controlled by gravity.
weird strange or odd; puzzlingly unusual. [2 definitions]
welcome used to express warm greetings to someone who has just arrived. [8 definitions]
weld to join metal or plastic by using heat, followed either by pressure or by adding a melted material. [2 definitions]
welfare a state of health, happiness, and good fortune. [2 definitions]
well1 in a good, proper, or acceptable way. [12 definitions]
well2 a deep hole dug in the ground to get water, oil, gas, or other natural resources. [4 definitions]
we'll shortened form of "we will."
well-balanced properly controlled.
well-behaved showing good manners.
well-being the condition of being healthy, happy, and comfortable.
well-known known by many; famous; familiar.