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wheelchair a chair on two large wheels that is used by those who cannot walk from place to place.
wheeze to breathe with a hoarse or whistling sound. [2 definitions]
when at what time. [8 definitions]
whenever any time that. [2 definitions]
where at, in, or to what location. [9 definitions]
whereabouts in or near what location; about where. [2 definitions]
whereas while in contrast. [2 definitions]
whereupon after which; as a consequence.
wherever in, at, or toward whatever place or situation. [2 definitions]
whether used to introduce one choice or alternative. [2 definitions]
whey the watery part of milk that is left when the curds are separated out in making cheese.
which what one or ones. [7 definitions]
whichever whatever or any one that. [2 definitions]
whiff a faint smell carried on the air. [2 definitions]
while a period of time. [5 definitions]
whim a sudden desire, thought, or change of mind.
whimper to cry in weak, broken sounds. [2 definitions]
whine to make a long, high cry that expresses pain, complaint, or fear. [4 definitions]
whinny to make the sound of a horse; neigh. [2 definitions]
whip to strike or beat with quick, repeated strokes with a long, thin strap, or a rod. [7 definitions]
whippoorwill a bird with gray, black, and white feathers that lives in eastern North America and eats insects. The whippoorwill sings at night, and its call sounds like its name.