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wrath fierce anger.
wreak to carry out or cause.
wreath a band of flowers or leaves woven or twisted together in the shape of a circle and used as a symbol or decoration.
wreck an action or event that results in great or total destruction. [4 definitions]
wreckage what is left after something has been ruined or destroyed.
wren a small brown songbird with a long bill and an upright tail.
wrench to damage or hurt by twisting. [5 definitions]
wrest to take away with, or as if with, a twist or pull.
wrestle to take part in the sport of wrestling, or to struggle to throw and hold another to the ground. [3 definitions]
wrestling an athletic exercise or contest in which two people struggle to throw and hold each other to the ground.
wretched unhappy; miserable. [2 definitions]
wriggle to twist and turn one's body with quick movements from side to side; wiggle. [3 definitions]
wring to twist and squeeze tightly. [3 definitions]
wrinkle1 a fold or ridge on an otherwise flat surface, such as cloth or skin. [2 definitions]
wrist the joint between the arm and hand, or the bones that make up this joint.
wrist watch a watch on a strap or band that is worn around the wrist.
write to form on a surface with a pen, pencil, typewriter, or other instrument. [6 definitions]
write down to write (something) in order to remember it, save it, or study it at a later time.
writer one who writes. [2 definitions]
writing the act, art, or job of one who writes. [4 definitions]
written past participle of write. [2 definitions]