Wordsmyth FAQ page.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I. Registration, Account Activation, and Logging In
  • Why should I register with Wordsmyth?
  • What is a "login" or "login shortcut"?
  • Why can't I use the login/password combination I selected?
  • What is a display name?
  • Why can't I use the display name I selected?
  • After I register, can I change my login, display name, e-mail address, or password?
Account Activation
  • What is an activation code and why do you require it?
  • Why are there values automatically filled in on the activation page for me?
  • I never received the activation link for my account.
  • The activation email I received says that there is already a user with my email account, but I don't remember registering.
  • I accidentally closed the Wordsmyth window before activating my account.
Logging In
  • Why can't I log in?
  • I forgot my login.
  • I forgot what email I used when I registered.
  • I forgot my password.
  • I forgot my display name.
  • Why doesn't Wordsmyth remember my login? (Does Wordsmyth use cookies?)
II. Individual Subscription
III. Educational Group Subscription
  • How does the educational group subscription work?
  • How do additional users register for subscription privileges?
  • Will my students and I be able to use our Wordsmyth accounts from home?
  • What if I already have a Wordsmyth account?
  • If I log in from the standard Wordsmyth URL (www.wordsmyth.net), will I be able to use the educational group subscription features?
  • What happens if I use the school page without logging in?
  • How can I cancel my group subscription?
  • How can I change the number of users?
  • What happened to the Title I school financial aid program?
IV. Wordsmyth Widget
  • What is the difference between the Popup and the Floating version of the Wordsmyth Widget?
  • Why can't I drag the Wordsmyth Widget onto my toolbar?
  • Is the Wordsmyth Widget safe? My browser is showing me a warning.
V. Using the Dictionary-Thesaurus
  • You say that Wordsmyth is also a thesaurus. Where is the thesaurus?
  • What is the Comprehensive Dictionary?
  • How does your leveled Comprehensive Dictionary suite work?
  • Your dictionary doesn't contain the word "feebafubble." Can you please add it?
  • How do I find all words that contain "oil"?
  • How do I find all entry words that contain the word "oil" in their definitions?
  • I know the meaning I want; how can I look up the word?
  • I am not sure how to spell the word I am looking for.
  • How would I look up a phrase (idiom, phrasal verb, or other set expression)?
  • What are Multi-Word Results?
  • What happened to the "old dictionary format"?
  • Why are there three pronunciation systems, and how do I choose between them?
  • If I've already found the word I'm looking for, why would I want to "browse the wordlist"?
VI. Tools and Quizzes
  • How do I save my glossaries and quizzes?
  • Where do I find my saved glossaries and quizzes?
  • How can I share glossaries and quizzes I have made with my friends or students?
  • Is there any way to increase the word limit in Glossary Maker and Quiz Maker?
  • Once a glossary or quiz has been made, is it possible to update it?