Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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brilliant very shiny.
brush a tool for cleaning, painting, and other things. It has a handle and a tight group of stiff fibers on one end.
city a large and important town where many people live and work.
clever having a quick mind; smart.
cloth material made by weaving.
colorful having many colors; bright in color.
delight great pleasure.
fully in a way that is complete, entire, or thorough; totally.
harvest the gathering of ripe crops, or the amount gathered.
interview a meeting between a person who has applied for a job and the person who is offering the job. The person who wants the job must answer questions about his or her experience and qualifications.
joke a short story with a funny ending that is told to make people laugh.
opinion what you think about something or somebody.
promise to state, in a way that makes someone feel sure, that something will happen or will be done.
score the total points earned in a game or test.
wonderful causing a feeling of wonder; excellent.