Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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admire to have a high opinion of; respect.
believe to accept as honest or true.
breeze a light or gentle wind.
market a place where people buy and sell things.
mower a machine with blades for cutting grass or other plants.
past all of the time before now.
razor a tool with a very sharp blade that is used for cutting hair close to the skin.
salad a mixture of raw vegetables served with dressing.
stack a neat pile with one thing on top of another.
tank a large container used to hold liquid or gas.
thank to tell someone who has given you something or done something for you that you value their gift or action; to express your appreciation.
title a name of something such as a book, movie, or piece of music.
wagon a small, open cart with four wheels and a handle, used as a child's toy.
wave the water that rises from the surface of a body of water.
winner one that wins or is likely to win or succeed.