Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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actually as a matter of fact; really.
art things that are made by humans and that people think have beauty or deep meaning. Music, films, written works, and paintings are examples of art.
chill a mild but uncomfortable coldness.
explorer a person who travels through an area that is unknown to find out what is there.
group a collection of people, things, or ideas that are in one place or have important things in common.
jaw either or both of the two bones that frame the mouth and hold the teeth.
nervous feeling worry or fear about a particular thing or things.
peck2 to strike, or pick up quickly with the beak.
post1 a piece of wood, metal, or other material placed upright in the ground to mark or support something.
shell a hard outer covering that an animal, especially a sea animal, has made to protect itself.
straight without a curve or bend.
tool a thing that is used to help a person do work and that is usually held with the hands.
village a small town or community, often in the country.
wrinkle a fold on a surface, such as cloth or skin.
zone an area that is separate or different from other areas because of a particular environment, use, or some other special quality.