Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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branch a woody part of a tree or bush that grows out from the trunk.
brilliant very shiny.
chart a sheet that gives information in the form of a table or graph.
chimney a tall, hollow structure that carries smoke up through a building and to the outside.
cough the act or pushing air noisily out of the lungs, as a result of illness or something irritating one's air passages.
dust tiny, dry pieces of dirt or other material that is in the air and collects on surfaces.
fellow belonging to the same group, having the same job, or sharing the same interests.
later at some following time or future time.
outfit a set of clothes.
president a person who leads a company, club, or other organization. A president of an organization can be elected or appointed.
scarce not being enough; not easy to get.
sew to make or repair with a needle and thread.
snip to cut or clip with short, quick strokes of scissors.
stone hard material like rock.
store a building or other place where you can buy things.