Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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farm an area of land or water used to raise certain kinds of crops or animals.
few only a small number of.
gown a dress worn on special occasions.
grade to rate for correctness or quality, usually by giving a letter or score.
honestly in an honest way.
load to put things on or in something in order to carry them.
map a picture of an area of the earth or sky drawn or printed on a flat surface.
pile a number of things on top of each other, or a mass of material that forms a small hill.
rent the regular payment that you give to the owner of a property for the use of a space.
rid to cause things that are not wanted to go away.
sick having an illness; not well.
silent making or having no sound.
sky the air or space above the earth.
slash to cut or strike with a strong, sweeping motion.
voter one who helps decide something in an election by expressing his or her choice.