Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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backyard an open area behind a house that belongs to the owner of the house.
beat to hit again and again.
doctor a person whose job is to treat and give medicine to sick people or animals.
evil anything very wrong or bad that hurts people or animals and is done without concern for the pain of others; wickedness.
firmly in a way that uses some strength; not lightly.
fold to bend something so that one part lies on top of another part.
great very large in size or number.
guess to give an answer or opinion without enough information to be certain.
holder an object used for holding.
hope a feeling or chance that something that you want to happen will happen.
impossible not able to happen or to be done.
leak an opening or crack in a thing that lets something go through it.
snatch to take quickly or suddenly; grab.
underwater below the water's surface.
voice the sound that comes from your mouth when you speak or sing.