Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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blanket a large piece of thick material used to keep oneself warm. Blankets are often made of wool.
chart a sheet that gives information in the form of a table or graph.
clean not dirty.
crime something that people do that is against the law.
delight great pleasure.
early near the beginning of something.
hope a feeling or chance that something that you want to happen will happen.
meal1 an occasion when people prepare and eat food at a specific time.
peck2 to strike, or pick up quickly with the beak.
physical of the body.
pole a long, round post or stick made of metal, wood, or some other material.
polite showing good manners.
race1 a sport or test of speed.
sailor a member of the navy who works aboard a ship.
sir a polite form of address for a man, usually used in place of his name.