Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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brake a device used to slow or stop the motion of a vehicle or machine.
call to say in a loud voice or shout out.
cellar a room that is built under the ground. People use it for storing things.
chimney a tall, hollow structure that carries smoke up through a building and to the outside.
chum (informal) a close friend; pal.
clever having a quick mind; smart.
crisp firm but breaking easily into pieces.
cut to divide or break open with a sharp tool such as a knife, saw, or scissors.
fetch to go somewhere, pick up something, and bring it back.
force power, energy, or physical strength.
hurt to cause pain or harm to.
jealous feeling angry or sad when you want what another person has.
kitchen a room where people cook and store food.
natural of or produced by nature.
smile to have an expression on the face in which the corners of the mouth turn up.