Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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balcony a platform with a low wall or railing that extends from the outside of a building.
case2 a container for holding, carrying, or keeping things safe.
defend to protect from harm; guard.
gardener a person whose job is taking care of plants, lawns, and the like.
hairy covered with or having a lot of hair.
instant happening right away; without delay; immediate.
lock a device used to prevent people from taking something or to keep something closed.
marry to become someone's husband or wife according to the law.
microphone a device that changes sound waves into electronic signals. Microphones are used to make sounds louder or to broadcast or record them.
peaceful quiet; calm.
pin a thin piece of metal with a sharp point and flat or round head. Pins are used to fasten or attach pieces of cloth or similar material.
store a building or other place where you can buy things.
tablet a small, flat, round piece of medicine.
tool a thing that is used to help a person do work and that is usually held with the hands.
weight the quality that makes something heavy.