Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bury to cover in the ground with dirt.
damp wet, but not very wet.
fond having or showing feelings of love.
grass a short green plant with narrow pointed leaves that usually covers fields and yards.
hall a long space in a building that people walk through to go from one room to another.
heap many things lying on top of each other; pile.
hill a raised area of land smaller than a mountain.
lucky resulting from or having good fortune.
mirror a smooth surface that shows an image of whatever is in front of it.
program a plan of what will be done or take place.
record to put in writing.
scent a smell.
soldier a person who serves in the army and who is not an officer.
suitcase a box used for carrying clothing and personal things when traveling.
watch to look closely or carefully, usually at something that is moving.