Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bend a curved thing, part, or area; curve.
busy doing something or working on something.
costume clothing worn to make one look like some other person, animal, or thing.
full holding as much as possible.
greedy having a very strong desire for ever more money or things.
journey a long trip from one place to another.
nightmare a frightening dream.
pinch an amount that can be picked up between the thumb and a finger.
pipe a tube of metal, plastic, or other material through which a gas or liquid may flow.
scold to tell someone that they have done something wrong, usually in an angry way.
slip to slide suddenly on a slippery surface.
smooth not rough; even.
stir to mix liquids together or move a liquid in a circle using your hand or an object.
together in or into one group or mass.
tower a tall, narrow building or part of a building that rises high above the ground.