Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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accept to say yes when someone wants to give you something.
angel a spiritual being who acts as a servant or messenger of God. Angels are often represented as human figures with wings and a halo.
cabin a small house, built in a simple or rough way.
chew to break apart and make soft with the teeth.
corner the place where two roads meet.
dusk the time of day just before night; last moments of twilight.
dye a substance that is used to give color to cloth, hair, or other materials.
engine a machine that uses energy from a source such as gasoline or electricity to do work.
harvest the gathering of ripe crops, or the amount gathered.
limb one of the large branches of a tree.
move to change position or place.
official a person who holds an office in a business or government.
park an area of public land that anyone can use for rest and enjoyment.
pavement the hard surface on a road or other flat area.
stove a device that uses electricity, gas, or oil to provide heat for cooking or warmth.