Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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button a small, round, flat thing that fastens clothing by fitting through a hole.
call to say in a loud voice or shout out.
catch to get control of (someone or something moving away); capture.
clothing things that you wear to cover the body; clothes.
cover to put or spread something over or on something else.
cure something that makes a sick person healthy or well.
curtain a piece of cloth that hangs in a window or other opening to shut out light or to cover something.
garden an area of land used for growing flowers or vegetables.
incredible difficult or impossible to believe.
mass a large amount or number.
planner a person who designs or has ideas for things that will exist or happen in the future.
refuse1 to not accept or agree to something; to say "no."
reply to give an answer.
temper a usual state of mind of manner of feeling.
tip2 to move to a leaning position.